Ian Wallace Photographer

Get creative, take your camera off auto !


If the idea of using your camera on the manual setting seems a bit daunting and the instruction book very complicated, then I have the solution - a half day course that demystifies the manual features of your SLR or mirrorless camera opening up huge new opportunities for you to get creative and to take back control of your camera.

Join me and other like-minded people for a morning of instruction in using your camera in the manual mode. Over tea and coffee we will look at exposure, shutter speed and ISO and composition, helping you to really understand what you can do with each of these camera functions, enabling you to create virtually any visual image you can think of.

I have worked as a professional photographer for over 15 years photographing a mixture of food, lifestyle and weddings. Every time I pick up my camera I make a decision on my aperture and shutter speed based on what my subject is as well as the feel or look I want to create. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO work together in a triangle to produce perfectly exposed images. Getting it right in the camera is the essential first step rather than relying on editing software to do this for you when you sit down at your computer.

I will be taking these courses at my house near Montmoreau Saint Cybard in the Charente. Places are limited to 8 people so everyone gets my personal attention. The morning will be a mixture of discussion, demonstration and hands on experience using your own camera. The 4 hour session from 9am-1pm is 35 euros per person, incl refreshments.


Topics covered will be:

Exposure, the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO to produce perfectly exposed images in your camera, the "exposure triangle".

Learn about focusing, auto or manual.

Getting  creative with different apertures and shutter speeds, blurring the background, keeping everything in focus, stopping motion, using motion to get creative.

Composition, what camera angles to use and when, landscape or portrait, choosing a suitable background for your pictures.

What lenses to use and when.

Understanding file size, Raw versus Jpeg.

Learn about white balance, cold or warm images.

A full set of study notes are supplied for each person.

After attending this course you should now see your images improve dramatically, if you are uncertain about anything taught on this course I am always to answer any questions via e-mail.

If you are interested in attending this course please contact me on ian@snapandstir.com to register your interest or via the contact page on this website.